Royal Guard Bow.jpg

Royal Guard


Brass, PVC, Leather, Merbau, Rubber, Wood, Bronze Gold, Paint, Dacron


This bow is inspired by the idea of a medieval / futuristic Royal Guardsman's bow -  regal and refined - with the impression of laced iron wrapped around gracefully tapered limbs. Handmade in Australia, this bow has been heat formed in a custom made bow press using high grade Schedule 80 PVC sourced from the USA - highly regarded for its superior stability due to its heavy wall thickness. 


- Heat shrink enclosed limbs to offer PVC protection from UV degradation 

- Hand finished merbau hardwood Siyahs

- 100% hand finished Australian veg tanned leather handle wrap and laced limb features 

- Custom decorative limb wraps, paint & aesthetic finishes unique to Arthur Street Objects

- Hand made B55 Dacron handmade bow string with serving as standard


Each bow is unique and one of a kind making an Arthur Street Objects bow is both a highly evolved art object and a worthy asset to your costume or LARP arsenal.