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Introducing the "SACRAMENTUM" 

An imaginative PVC recurve bow


This is a truly one of a kind recurve bow, hand made in an aesthetic of gothic romanticism.


The SACRAMENTUM features two devilish eyes peering out from the centre of two faux roses made from heat shaped eva foam. The roses sit atop of sinew-like red and black pauldrons that taper down both bow limbs like ravens wings. This bow is finished in satin black along with katana handle style criss cross wraps with red underlay at both ends of the limbs. 

The siyahs where the string is connected are inverse shaped sections of the PVC bow body and are wrapped in faux ostrich leather. An undulating pattern of punched holes reveals more of the red colour scheme beneath.

The veg tanned leather handle features a diamond pattern with baseball stitching.

This is a fully functional bow with a modest draw weight of around 25 lbs. 

All Arthur Street Objects bows are heat formed in our custom made bow press using high grade Schedule 80 PVC sourced from the USA - highly regarded for its superior stability to other PVC substrates due to its heavy wall thickness.

Based on the Mongolian horse bow design, the bows made in the Arthur Street Objects workshop are works of art - each with an aesthetic that is unique and one of a kind.

Regarded as the emerging leader for LARP bows, investing in an Arthur Street Objects bow ensures the owner has a highly evolved art object with a truly unique visual aesthetic unrivalled in the PVC bow community.



  • Heat shrink enclosed limbs to offer PVC protection from UV degradation

  • Hand forged Schedule 80 bow form from our custom bow press

  • 100% hand finished Australian veg tanned leather handle wrap and laced limb features

  • Hand made black 3mm dia. dyneema bow string 

  • Included is a custom made stand to display the bow unstrung made from vintage timber with additional aged aesthetic along with brass accents for added authenticity

  • 100% handmade in Australia

Free domestic shipping in Australia. International shipping is available.


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