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"The theme of this build was to build an icon of a future mythological Hero, a sidearm thats with a brutal and robust character thats survived the savagery of a future war."


"This extensively modified build conjures an elegant weapon akin to the sidearm of a future royalty, coveted and tested, passed down through generations."


Vintage respirator customised with metallic paint, brass, leather, lighting and ageing effects custom made for atmospheric metal band Somnium Nox.

Somnium Nox Stage Mask

"The Spectre Rev - 5 build blends a 1940's tommy gun aesthetic with a cyber shotgun concept - an absolute warhorse with the scars to prove it"


Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Custom

Hand painted with metallic paint, brass, leather, lighting and ageing effects for the private collection of the Dr. Who fan club.

Sydney Props Specialists -

Custom Builds 

Custom builds proudly fabricated for the premier prop house in Marrickville, Sydney.