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Introducing the "GRASSHOPPER" 

A great starter bow for the junior archer


The Grasshopper is an excellent beginner bow for those younger people entering the world of PVC archery. This is a streamlined bow in satin black with a 550 paracord handle wrap, aimed at a no fuss solution for the young adolescent (10 years and over recommended) who wants an affordable bow. 

The bow itself is made from PN18 PVC pressure pipe, a more affordable departure from the schedule 80 pipe commonly used for our bows. This substrate is still plenty strong and flexible for a bow of this size (1 metre strung).


All Arthur Street Objects bows are heat formed in our custom made bow press and based on the Mongolian horse bow design, the bows made in the Arthur Street Objects workshop are works of art - each with an aesthetic that is unique and one of a kind.

Regarded as the emerging leader for LARP bows, investing in an Arthur Street Objects bow ensures the owner has a highly evolved art object with a truly unique visual aesthetic unrivalled in the PVC bow community.



  • Heat shrink enclosed limbs to offer PVC protection from UV degradation

  • Hand forged PN 18 PVC bow form from our custom bow press

  • 550 paracord handle wrap and leather string pads at the siyahs (far ends of the bow limbs) 

  • Spliced 3mm dia. dyneema bow string 

  • 100% handmade in Australia

Free domestic shipping in Australia. International shipping is available.

$170 - In stock  

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