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Royal Guard

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Tokyo Ghost


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Sic Mundus

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PVC Bows

Arthur Street Objects aims to offer the most beautiful PVC bows in the world.

Based on the Mongolian horsebow design, our bows have a unique look and feel - an art object and fully functioning bow.


We offer highly original and creative finishes on our limb wraps, ornate siyahs, genuine leather handles and lacing patterns to create a one of a kind bow with unrivalled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The bows crafted in the Arthur Street Objects workshop are heat formed in our custom made bow press for uniformity and limb consistency. We use schedule 80 PVC pipe from the USA for its heavy wall thickness and superior stability, Australian hardwood for our siyahs and Australian veg tan leather for our handle wraps and lacing.


Bow limbs are wrapped in heat shrink for outstanding aesthetics and additional structural support.  Perfect for LARP. 

All our bows are one of a kind and never exactly replicated.


Customisation of features & colours is available. 


Contact us for more information.