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PVC Bow - ZEUS - catalogue.jpg



  • Arthur Street Objects aims to offer the most beautiful PVC bows in the world.

  • Our bows have a unique look and feel - as an art object as well as a fully functioning bow.

  • We offer highly innovative textural finishes on our bow limbs along with ornate siyahs, genuine leather handles and lacing patterns to create a one of a kind bow with unrivalled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

  • The bows crafted in the Arthur Street Objects workshop are heat formed in our custom made bow press for uniformity and limb consistency.

  • We use schedule 80 PVC pipe from the USA for its heavy wall thickness and superior stability, hardwood for our siyahs and veg tanned leather for our handle wraps and lacing.

  • All our bows are one of a kind and never exactly replicated.

  • Customisation of features & colours is available.  Contact us to see whats possible.

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