The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard


"The Royal Guard" PVC recurve bow 100% handmade in Australia.

Arthur Street Objects bows are heat formed in a custom made bow press using high grade Schedule 80 PVC. 

Schedule 80 PVC pipe is sourced from the USA and is highly regarded for its superior stability to other PVC substrates due to its heavy wall thickness. 

Based on the Mongolian horse bow design, the bows made in the Arthur Street Objects workshop are works of art - each with an aesthetic that is unique and one of a kind. 

Regarded as the emerging leader for LARP bows, investing in an Arthur Street Objects bow ensures the owner has a highly evolved asset to their LARP arsenal with a visual appeal ruly unique & unrivalled in the PVC bow community. 

- Heat shrink enclosed limbs to offer PVC protection from UV degradation 

- Hand forged Schedule 80 bow form from our custom bow press

- Hand finished Australian Merbau hardwood Siyahs

- 100% hand finished Australian veg tanned leather handle wrap and laced limb features 

- Custom decorative limb wraps, paint & aesthetic finishes unique to Arthur Street Objects

- Hand made B55 Dacron handmade bow string with serving as standard

- Beware of Imitations!

We aim to make the finest PVC bows in the world!


Message us for international shipping.


    Camperdown, NSW Australia

    Ph: 0416 776 613

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