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Somnium Nox Respirator Mask - Sold
  • Somnium Nox Respirator Mask - Sold


    A commission from Geoff, Bassist for dark metal band "Somnium Nox".  

    The band's aesthetic is dark industrial with a medieval science fiction bent. Geoff had tired of washing makeup off after every gig so we discussed the idea of an evil looking, old worldly industrial respirator mask with deadly catfish-esque whiskers and a glowing red light in the mouth piece.

    The LED light in the centre is recessed beneath a brass grommet with a constant glow or flashing mode. The old plastic body was made metallic with rub'n'buff and some brass accents.

    The ring where the spikes emerge is from a lampshade fitting.

    Hand assembled and painted, guaranteed on of a kind.


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