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Nerf Maverick Custom
  • Nerf Maverick Custom


    Thanks for your interest in this Nerf Maverick custom blaster by Arthur Street Objects.

    This is a one of a kind Nerf Blaster rebuild with some unique features:

    Genuine leather grip wrap.
    Custom extensions to the barrel, the lower bout and the top sights for additional authenticity.
    Brass barrel tip.
    Nerf logo removed.
    Detail paint application in pale green, antique gold and rust bronze to achieve an authentic weathered / handled / aged effect.
    Custom metal industrial findings.
    Fully functional blaster (no internal modifications).

    Blaster includes a handmade museum style display case with blaster mounting points.

    See the before and after pic to view extensive modifications made to make this Nerf blaster. Arthur Street Objects Nerf blasters are unique in their level of detail and additional non - factory components that elevate these pieces as sought after collectibles.

    *This blaster is available as a collector piece / toy / LARP prop. In purchasing the buyer agrees the blaster is for private home use / display and is not for public use or further modification. The blaster will ship with the mandatory orange tape on the barrel.

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