The History of Arthur Street

"An old, dark worker’s cottage on the outskirts of Brisbane city was where my Grandmother lived. Perched on poles in the middle of Arthur Street, this house was my "Narnia", the birthplace of my imagination.


To my young mind it was an emporium of aesthetic treasures from a time long since past. Built with timber, nails and iron, it creaked and moaned through the seasons as if it were alive. Free of the material trappings of wealth and pride, it was instead, lived in. Although its complexion was bruised and weathered, the Arthur Street house had a presence all its own.

It was the objects found within, the everyday stuff, that was the drawcard for me. The brutal old clothes boiler, dramatic ancient religious statues, the poise of the intricately embroidered drapes and the clunky wail of the primitive record player - the details of each of foreign, fascinating and iconic - catalysts for a burgeoning creative mind.


Today, my work pays tribute to the authenticity, wonderment and "otherness" of this special place. Each object I build is iconic, considered and unique, all serving as vehicles to reconnect to the wonderment that was Arthur Street.


The Arthur Street Objects motto "RELICS REBORN", I believe, says it all."

Pete Storey - Founder & Fabricator 

Pvc Bows - Hand Crested Arrows - Props and Customisation

My mother as a flower girl outside Arthur Street, Brisbane circa 1949.

My Mother outside Arthur Street
Petes pilgrimage to Arthur Street

A pilgrimage to Arthur Street