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Suijin Kabuto

Halcyon Kabuto.jpg

Halcyon Kabuto

"These life size samurai kabuto helmets represent some of my finest detail pieces I've yet made. The shell of each helmet is made from high density EVA foam with the  finer extensions made from cintra / foamex. Each helmet is adorned with highly individual components and findings I'v collected over a decade in the form of brass saddlery rings, electrical and irrigation fittings, upholstery nails, leather bolo cord, faux hammered metal laminate with intricate paint application with acrylics and metallics applied by spray gun, airbrush and by hand. Every helmet is one of a kind and can be worn with care for a costume or mounted upon the supplied timber stand as a beautiful collectible." - Pete 

"The Vindicator" Samurai Archer Cosplay

"My submission for the Ultimate Online Cosplay Competition Hosted by Tock Custom and a panel of all star cosplay experts. 

I wanted to portray an original costume concept of a neo-bushido elite archer. The look of an embellished samurai in full armour from feudal Japan combined with futuristic elements such as the powered twin quiver on my back and the respirator mirroring the shape of the kabuto helmet. The red textured sections in both these pieces have a veiny dragon  skin feel and are illuminated from within. This was a quick build in 10 days from scratch and considering this is my first full costume I'm very pleased to have be selected as a finalist." - Pete 

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