Silky Oak Katana

Silky Oak Katana


A superbly crafted mantlepiece display in celebration of the Japanese sword aesthetic.

The blade has been hand carved from Silky Oak (or Lacewood as its known in the USA) witha Brazilwood Tsuba (handguard) and pommel with brass inlays.

The Saya (or scabbard) is heat formed using PVC and wrapped in our signature PVC binding to get that polished bamboo look. Kangaroo hide and lacing add a unique signature to the saya.

Sword and Saya are mounted on an Oxblood stained display stand with leather / brass mounts and a brass Arthur Street Objects moth emblem.

The finished piece measure approx. 400mm high, 1000mm long and 200mm deep.

All hand made and guaranteed one-of-a-kind.